#Myhabitatexperience – Sayra López

My name is Sayra Nohemi Lopez, I am 30 years old, I have a degree in Social Work, single, my residence is located in Puerto Barrios, Izabal, Guatemala, I live with my mother and my brothers I consider myself a responsible person with extensive teamwork skills, creativity and service to others, as well as the ability to learn fast. I am the Educator of the Izabal affiliate. 

My work experience has been in the service of the population; which made me fall in love with my profession and allowed me to feel that I am being part of the development and wellbeing of communities and families so that they become resilient and obtain a better quality of life. 

I have been volunteering for 15 years with the Red Cross movement and that experience has helped me in my work.  

Why Habitat Guatemala?

When researching about the Organization I was attracted by its vision and mission and some testimonials I found; I felt that it adapted to the fact that I like to support families and work with volunteers, so I applied for the position and got selected to work with Habitat Guatemala and I am sure that it was my best choice, I have put my knowledge into practice and I have learned even more. 

Your Habitat Experience

 I started working for Habitat Guatemala on March 4, 2017,  I have 5 years of belonging to the Organization; where I have had contact with a large number of community families training on issues of Healthy Homes, Risk Management, Financial Education, Self-Esteem, and constructive issues, in wood-saving stoves, concrete floors, sinks, community family chicken coops which have been subsidized to families with the Program of Attention to Extreme Poverty and support for families affected in tropical storms.    

 I have also worked hand to hand with volunteers in following up with families who wish to improve their quality of life through social credits for the construction of housing; encouraging volunteers in the area in the commitment to serve others, thus cultivating the love of humanity and working selflessly for the development of others.  Also training them in leadership, organization and community participation, principles and values,  conflict management and communication. In order to strengthen the capacity and leadership of each volunteer to support the communities positively impacting their development. 

 I have seen firsthand the needs of the communities, as well as the transformation of the quality of life of the families through the projects and solutions provided by Habitat Guetemala, among those lives is mine, not only gave me the opportunity to grow professionally, but also in the realization of the dream that every family has, and that is to build my own home. 

A message to the Habitat community

To help our neighbor we do not need to have goods but only our will and a spirit of service and that in our heart we never run out of humanity, I share with you this quote 

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa