The Morales Payes Family

marioestuardomoralespayes_studyingHardworking and studious, Hortencia Mijangos Jacinto (23) and her husband, Mario (33) were made for one another. Mario Works as a Systems Engineer, and Hortencia is currently studying towards a college degree in the same subject. The couple recently married and were eager to find a housing solution that worked for both of them. Between long hours at Mario’s engineering job and Hortencia’s need for a suitable study space, a house that was both quiet and conveniently located became a priority.

Hortencia recalls that there were ups and downs about their previous living situation. “We rented in Teculután for seven months. The house was also a Habitat house, but was more isolated rather than located in a community, like the Colony. We were paying and paying, but we weren’t getting any closer to saving money for our own house. That was really frustrating.”


However, living in a Habitat house before pursuing it own had its benefits. Ultimately, Hortencia and Mario decided to apply for their own, and they have never looked back. Hortencia is happy to note that the biggest changes have helped her manage her studying schedule. “The town is closer, and you can drive between places pretty easily. Although I still have to go towards Zacapa for class, I don’t need to worry about public transportation, because the neighborhood has a bunch of motorcycles that pass by.”

Thanks to quiet space that Habitat volunteers afforded her, Hortencia will be able to achieve her degree within the next year.