Martha Calel

Martha Calel and her family live in Sololá. Her husband, Nicolaces, works in the surrounding communities cutting firewood for people to buy. They have two sons, aged four and six. Martha and her family have their own house and various other family members live in their own houses on the same land. In the middle of the houses is a temazcal, or Maya sweat lodge, that the family members share.

Martha learned about the Habitat for Humanity Guatemala Healthy Home Kits program from a community leader. Her family needed a new stove and latrine, so Martha decided the program was a good fit for her family. “Our old stove was really small,” Martha explained. “There wasn’t enough room to prepare food. Now, I have space to cook.”

As for a latrine, Martha and her family were sharing one with her brother-in-law and his family. Now, they have their own latrine and it’s much easier to keep clean.

Maria also has a message for the volunteers who helped build her family’s stove and latrine: “Thank you for your support! We are very happy with our new stove and latrine.”