The Marroquín Rojas Family


Hilda Marroquín Rojas and her family live in a natural paradise located about five minutes from the small town of Sanarate. Propped against a bright blue sky, the landscape is dotted with trees, birds, and a quiet house perched on the edge of a field. Three small children can be found giggling on the house’s back steps. They are Hilda’s eight-year-old son, Jesus Adrian, and her young nieces, Sharon and Mabe. The trio eagerly engages in spontaneous games of tag in the early morning sunlight. Hilda’s mother, Rosa, watches fondly over them as she sweeps the yard free of leaves that have fallen from the trees.


Hilda (38) enjoys the landscape, and her new house, too. Her husband, Eriberto (42), works as a crewman on a ship for nine months every year, and the new house is a source of comfort for her during his absence. Although it still requires some work, she is looking forward to moving in. For now, however, she is content with already what have been enormous changes. “It feels good to have our own house and our own privacy. My youngest son has a lot space to play and grow. The landscape is calming. I love coming here in the afternoons, where I can just enjoy the sun and the trees.”


In addition to add more furniture and finishing the final touches on electrical work, Hilda looks forward to making space for other creatures. “I would love to have a small farm with some chickens, a little dog, or some ducks. And flowers! All of the flowers.” She laughs.  “At my in-laws house [where we used to live], there was no space to do that, but in this one, we can.”

For the Canada Team, who began construction on the house in July, Hilda holds several fond memories. “The group was so good with my nieces. We had a birthday party and celebrated with a piñata, food, and fun. It was such a special moment to share with them.”

“I want you to know that everything is going well, and that, bit by bit, we are building up the house.” She says. “You were so kind and wonderful to us, and it was a pleasure to share this experience with you. I never imagined that I would meet such caring and beautiful people who live on the other side of the world. I give you compassion in my heart. May God watch over you.”