Marielsy Susely Alistan

Marielsy Susely and her two-year-old son, Joshep, live in their home in Zacapa. Her husband, Victor, moved to the United States for work about one month ago, but Marielsy is planning on staying in Guatemala. Her aunt is her neighbor–she also lives in a Habitat Guatemala home–and Marielsy likes living close to her family. “Before we built our home with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala we lived with my parents,” Marielsy shared. “We wanted our own home, our own space. And it’s wonderful–I can make my own decisions about my house. We still need to finish the floor,” continued Marielsy. “But I’m happy to be in my home.”

“It was so nice to have the volunteers help build our home!” Marielsy expresses. “It was difficult to build in the hot sun, but they worked hard.”