Mariano Soto – Family Gardens Project

Mariano lives with his wife Francisca, and their four children in the community of El Canaque, San Marcos, located in the outskirts of Tajumulco Volcano. Mariano works in agriculture, while Francisca takes good care of the children.

It is not an easy road to get to Canaque, but as soon as you enter it, you can notice the warmth of the people and shy smiles of the children watching you.

Mariano is part of our Family Gardens Project, that started on 2014. Six years later, Mariano proudly shows his Garden, filled with a variety of different vegetables. Sharing how their lives have changed and how they have a better nutrition now.

“Before the gardens we bought all the vegetables we needed in San Sebastian, now we just harvest from here. There is no need to buy more,” says Mariano.

Their eating habits have changed too. They have learned new ways to cook all the vegetables they have at their reach, to take full advantage of its nutritional value.  Adding new types to their diets too. Improving their life quality; “I have liked working in this project! As part of it, we also received a henhouse for our hens, and they are doing great,” says Mariano.

He is the Leader of Huerto 4. As part of the project, they received a series of different trainings that installed new learnings in them about agriculture, community development and nutrition.  “In this garden we are just three people, but we are willing to continue working by ourselves to improve! Keep on harvesting vegetables and keep it clean” says Mariano.

To the volunteers and staff that have worked with the community for the past six years, Mariano says, “thank you! may all receive greetings from us!”