María Esperanza

María Esperanza is a single mother of two adorable boys, 5-year-old Paulo and 3-year-old Diego. She owns a shop in Panajachel and before she built her home in San Lucas, she rented a home for her family. When she found affordable land in the San Lucas area, she knew it was a good opportunity to stop renting and build a house, allowing her to save financially and invest in the future of her family.

María explains how owning her own home has improved her life: “Having my home is so different! When I rented a house, we only had two rooms. Now we have more space, I can do what I want with my home, and I don’t have to worry about my boys breaking something in a house that isn’t mine!”

María wants to send a message to the two groups who volunteered to help build her new home: “It was a big help to have the volunteers! I want to say thank you to both groups for their time. It helped speed up the building process so that we could move into the house sooner.”