Healthy Home Kit: The Zuninga Family


The Zuninga family lives in the department of Sololá, Guatemala and recently partnered with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala to implement a smokeless stove, sanitary latrine, and water filter. Karina, who lives in this home, had taken her baby to the doctor, so her in-laws talked about their experience with the Habitat Guatemala volunteers!

“Before building the smokeless stove, Karina shared my stove.”, explains Karina’s mother-in-law, Nicolasa. “We were cooking for 10 people on one stove so it is very helpful to have another stove now! We were also all sharing one latrine–so it is very beneficial to have another!

Nicolasa concludes with a message to the volunteers who spent time with her family: “Thank you for supporting my family! These changes benefit the children most of all.”