Healthy Home Kit – Nicolasa Quino

Nicolasa lives with her husband Gaspar, in a small community in Sololá.  While Gaspar works in the fields, Nicolasa is a homemaker and takes care of the family pets.

“I used to cook on an old stove that was really small; I learned about Habitat Guatemala’s Healthy Home Kit project, talked to my husband and we decided to try it,” explains Nicolasa. A few months later, she is happy with the stove. “I feel content. The stove is working great and it does not consume a lot of firewood. It heats up quickly and gives me enough space to cook all of my meals.”

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity Guatemala, Nicolasa and Gaspar are no longer affected from issues created by smoke. They used to cough and suffer from irritated eyes. Now, she can cook without any fear of having health issues. Moreover, because the stove consumes less firewood, Nicolasa does not need to buy as many logs as before.

The water filter has also improved their health. Nicolasa notes that they no longer suffer from stomachaches. She also has found that the taste of the water is MORE appealing. In addition, the latrine has improved their living conditions and is now a cleaner, healthier and a more private environment.

When asked about the group that came to help her family, a smile appears on Nicolasa’s face, “Congratulations to all the volunteers that came to support us! We had a great time together. Thank you!”