Healthy Home Kit: Filomena Cuj

Filomena lives with her husband Nicolás, and her sons, William and Nixón, in a small community in Sololá. While Nicolás works in agriculture, Filomena is a homemaker.

As part of our Healthy Home Kit, families receive a smokeless stove, a sanitary latrine and a water filter, these products help them improve their health by giving them adequate access to proper sanitation, potable water and a smoke free environment.

Filomena shares how implementing a smokeless stove has improved aspects of their family’s daily life: “I used to cook on an old small stove which I owned for more than twenty years,” she continues; “Now the new one is very big, gives me enough room to cook and saves wood.”

When asked how she feel with her new stove, she answers: “I feel very content with it, it is working really well.”

Previously, the family had a latrine that was in poor conditions, which was covered just with nylon. “Our new latrine is prettier, we have more privacy and is more comfortable.”

Regarding their water filter, Filomena explains that they used to drink water directly from the sink, and sometimes she used to boiled it but it became more contaminated, but with the new one it is safer and tastes better.

She finishes by sending a message to the volunteers: “Thank you all for your support in building my kit, we had a good day sharing with you.”