Healthy Home Kit: Elsa Candelaria

Elsa Candelaria lives with her husband, Arturo, and their three children in the department of Sololá, Guatemala. Arturo works in agriculture while Elsa takes care of her home and family. The two oldest children, 14-year-old Brenda and 11-year-old Luis, are in school. Oscar, who is 3 years old, stays at home with Elsa.

Elsa explains how partnering with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala to implement a Healthy Home Kit has improved aspects of her family’s daily life: “The stove I had before was 13 years old. There was a lot of smoke, but my new smokeless stove doesn’t have this problem. And the smoke used to make my throat hurt. We also use much less wood now.”“Before I had a water filter I had to boil my water.”, continues Elsa. “That used extra wood. Now I don’t have to boil water–it is is already clean! Our new latrine is so much better too: the old one was 8 years old and had a broken door.”

Elsa finishes by sharing what it was like to have volunteers support her family: “It was such a help, such a support. They helped build the stove and latrine. It was lovely to have them; they spent time with us and we shared ideas.”