Healthy Home Kit: Bertha Pérez

Bertha lives with her husband, Ronaldo, and their children Osmar (18), Juan (17), Nehemías (14), Gisela (11) and Bertha (6) in a small community in San Lucas Tolimán. While Ronaldo works in agriculture, Bertha is a home maker.

As part of our Healthy Home Kit, families receive a smokeless stove, a sanitary latrine and a water filter, these products help them improve their health by giving them adequate access to proper sanitation, potable water and a smoke-free environment.

Bertha shares how implementing a smokeless stove has improved aspects of their family’s daily life, “I had a stove before, but my elder son got married and we decided to leave it with them, so I had to start cooking over an open flame,” she continues, “now, with the new one I feel much better and happy. We can save wood too!”

Previously, Bertha and her family had an old latrine, more than 20 years old, that was in poor condition.  Now the new one is cleaner and more comfortable. Regarding their water filter, Bertha explains that they used to drink water directly from the sink. Now, the kids can come inside and drink it from the filter without any problems, it is fresh and clean with no more bad flavors.

She finishes with a message to the volunteers; “It was a great day! They worked really fast and hard, and we shared lunch together,” she continues; “thank you for your support in building my kit, may God bless you and take good care of you.”