Healthy Home Kit: Anastacia Morales

Anastacia lives with her husband Francisco, and two little boys, Pedro Josué (11) and Pedro Henry (8) in the department of Sololá, Guatemala.

They used to cook on an open fire stove, before they received a new smokeless stove. “The smoke used to get in my eyes and my son burned his hands several times,” shares Anastacia about her former stove.

“I feel happy with my new stove. It is really big and I can cook several meals at the same time. We do not have to use a lot of wood and it’s pretty too!,” refers Anastacia about her stove. They also received a latrine and water filter as part of the Healthy Home Kit. Now, they do not have to share a latrine with the rest of their relatives and can drink safe water from the filter with out having to boil it first.

To the volunteers, she says: “Thank you for your support, we feel really happy with the stove and latrine, may God bless you all and repay your work.”