Healthy Home Kit: Anastacia Calel

Anastacia Calel, lives with her husband Oscar, and two children, Karina (5), Francisco (4) and one more baby on the way, in the department of Sololá, Guatemala.

Anastacia used to cook on her mother’s stove, that is old and in bad shape already, but now with her new smokeless stove, she says that it uses less wood, it heats really fast and has enough space to cook a lot of meals at the same time.

In addition to constructing a smokeless stove with the support of Habitat for Humanity Guatemala, Anastacia and her family also now have their own water filter and sanitary latrine. Anastacia says: “We used to drink water that had not been filtered, but now we get sick less often. And while before we shared a latrine with ten of our relatives, we now have our own to use. I am happy and they are happy too!”

“We had such a good time with the volunteers that came, they played with my children.” Shares Catarina. “Thank you for the opportunity you gave to my family, it is really important to us, may God bless you all.”