The de la Cruz Fuentez Family

For many years Gloria’s (54) family lived in a one-room adobe house in San Marcos. While they managed to raise their two sons, Melvin (30) and Gustavo (28), they struggled to find comfort in such a crammed space.  During a regular work route as a mail man, Gloria’s husband, Juan (55), came across a Habitat flyer at one of his destinations.  He went home that day and showed the flyer to his family and they agreed to apply for a home shortly after. Halfway through 2016, they were able to relocate into the new home and immediately felt life become brighter.

As you pass through the bamboo fence in front of the house, the first thing you notice is a small garden that makes you feel welcome right away.  “It’s nice to be able to plant in my own home” says Gloria, “Just wait until you see the avocado tree!”  And as she led us to the side of the home, I expected a medium sized tree but she pointed out to a mighty avocado tree to the left of the home.When her sons are home they are able to relax as well as study comfortably, “Now, my sons have more privacy since they each have their own room.” For Gloria it is a relief to see that her boys are now able to focus on their work and personal life.

She feels very blessed that she’s able to invite others into their home. “Life is beautiful when you can spend time with family and friends in your home” expressed Gloria when asked how she felt in the new house, “Life is short, so why fight?”

As for the volunteers that came down to help build her home she was surprised to see such a hard working group, especially the women. “I had never seen women work so hard at this kind of work before” she declared. “We are very thankful for all of your hard work,” she said to the volunteers, “keep pressing on and we hope that you receive God’s blessings for the seeds that you planted with us. “

The future for the De La Cruz family looks brighter and they will continue to work together to reach their goals in the comfort of their own home.