Edwin Puac Family

Retalhuleu is a city where many residents know of the benefits of Habitat’s services, however few have the resources to purchase land. For the handful that do, they often need additional help completing their homes.

Edwin and his wife Clara lived in a loaned house along with their three children, Edwin II, Angel Daniel and Jose Alejandro before pursing the idea of building a house through Habitat. Edwin, is a bus conductor and Clara is a teacher.  Edwin’s job offers flexibility so he can be with the children during the afternoons. About his job, Edwin says; “I like it, I can come home at what hour I would  like, like now, meeting you all.”

The house they lived in before belonged to Edwin’s brother and he only had to pay the energy. This allowed Edwin and Clara to save money to purchase a plot of land and build their Habitat house. It was the volunteers who really made a difference toward the completion of their house. “Thank you for coming to lend a hand. We lacked a lot and you helped us to finish. If you did not raise the funds to help us, we would not have this home.” When asked how it feels to finally have a house of his own? He shares, “it feels good,” –and how do the kids feel about having a house? “ they don’t have a choice” he quips and a smile spreads across his face, “they seem to really enjoy it.”