Edvin Pérez Family

Edvin Perez, a tuc tuc driver, and his family are happy to be living in their new Habitat Guatemala home in the department of El Progreso.  Before building their home, Edvin, his wife Rosa, and their daughter Kimberly (6), lived with Rosa’s mother, Alba Luz, in a shack made out of wood. In their previous house they uncomfortably, when it rained the water poured in.  “I met a Habitat promoter and asked him about the program and we decided to build our house,” explains Edvin.

Thanks to Habitat Guatemala, Edvin and his family now have their own home.  Their relatives live on the same land and Kimberly likes to play with all of her cousins.

When asked about how he feels about his Habitat home Edvin says, “We feel very happy, the house is very comfortable, we are planning to add tiles to the floor and paint it in the future.”

When asked about their experience with the Global Village volunteers, Edvin expresses, “The volunteers were very smart and were hard workers. I am very grateful with all of you for your support.”