Eber Pelicó Family

Eber, his wife Lilian and her daughter are now living in their new Habitat home in Nuevo San Carlos, Retalhuleu. Lilian is studying to be a teacher, Eber has different part jobs and is a Red Cross volunteer.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala they were living with Eber parents, “My parents have been really nice and gave us a space to live meanwhile our house was finished” says Eber. And after finding out about our programs, they decided it was time to build their own house!

“It was a dream for us as a family to have our own home.”  Lilian adds, “we have been married for four years now.”

When Eber and Lilian start talking about how they feel with their new home, their joy is obvious. “We feel content!   we have our own place now, it is a big satisfaction for us,” Eber continues, “It was a dream for us as a family to have our own home. Thanks to Habitat it is a reality now.”

The family is planning to add a big garden in the front yard, “each member of my family is going to give us three plants, trees and flowers, so we can have different types.” Says Lilian.

The family remembers every volunteers name! and treasure all the moments they spent together during the week of construction. “They were really nice and hard workers, it was a great week!” says Lilian, Eber adds, “feel welcome to our home whenever you want to come again.”