The Dave Jerson Canel Family

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“It’s better to have your own house,” says Dave. He presents himself with the “English version” of his birth name, David.

Dave’s sitting in a little sofa in the comfort of his own house. His daughters watch cartoons and play in their bedroom as he tells about his journey to his new house.

Before, he lived about 30 kilometers away from his work in a village called Balanyá. He, his wife Erika, and daughters Zoie and Tesia shared a home with Erika’s parents. Nobody was very fond of that. Of course, the wanted their own place, but trying to rake in a ton of money at once was not an option for the family. “We couldn’t pay it all at once,” says Dave.

It was because of Habitat Guatemala that the Dave and Erika and their family were able to get their own house. Habitat Guatemala provided them with a very low-interest way to get credit and make monthly payments. “If it wasn’t for Habitat, we couldn’t have constructed,” says Dave.

Now that they’re in their new place, their daily lives are very different. “Home” has started to take on a whole new meaning. “It was kind of humiliating to not have our own house,” says Dave. “Each family needs to have their own place.”

Now the couple lives only half a block away from their job, a school just down the road. They regard the change a a blessing that’s made their lives way easier and allowed more time to spend with the family.

The family has fixed up the place nicely. It’s obvious after a quick glance around the place that they’re proud to call it home. “We’re happy to have something of our own,” says Erika.

The couple also recalls the volunteers that came to help them build. “They worked really hard on the foundation, which was the hardest part,” says Dave. “More than anything, we want to thank them for helping us build the house, and for sharing their time and effort with us. They didn’t know us, but they helped us a ton.” Erika was also grateful: “Without them, we’d have spent more time in construction. The rest of the construction was much easier. They are special people for having helped others.”

The family still has plans to put in a wash basin, and when they get the funds they are going to put cement around the house to help keep things clean inside.

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Not a still moment when taking photos!

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"The seed of good actions transforms into a tree of life."

“The seed of good actions transforms into a tree of life.”