The Caldeo Family

Dalilia Escobar´s Quetzaltenango home is painted a beautiful blue that matches her happiness and that of her children. She and her family moved into their new home in November, in time to celebrate Christmas, and they are happy to be settled and stable.

Dalilia’s home is located on the same property as her parents´ house, which was also built through partnering with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala twenty-two years ago. By building her house on the same piece of land, the family members are able to see each other easily. Dalia, a stay-at-home mother, is also the primary caregiver for her 97 year old father, so being right next door gives her the space and privacy she needs while also being able to attend to him.Six people total live in the house and while not all of them were home, those that were spoke enthusiastically about the volunteers that spent eight days helping them build their home. Dalia appreciates that the volunteers traveled from so far away to help her family, and she enjoyed chatting with them and sharing time with them.

Anayanci, Dalia’s daughter who loves cooking and would like to be a chef one day, spent the most time with the Thrivent volunteers and has a message she would like to share: “Thanks to you, our house was finished a little bit faster, and it didn’t take as long because you came help. Many thanks for giving us your support!”