The Pascuala Perez and Elena Osorio Families


In 2014, the lives of Pascuala Perez Chiyal, her sister-in-law Elena Osorio Calva, and their five children were changed. After living with their in-laws in a home of just four rooms, these families decided they would like to have homes of their own: their very own Habitat homes. Today, these changes are greatly benefitting the upbringing of Pascuala’s children – Juan, Erminia, and Roxana – as well as their cousins – Graldo and María.

PascualaElena-23Although the conditions of the families´ previous home were not unsuitable, Elena and Pascuala both claimed they “wanted their own space” in order to become more independent and raise their families in a comfortable environment. Their old residence consisted of a block structure with two bedrooms for their in-laws and one room apiece for their respective families.

Of the four rooms in each of the new homes the families will use them as two bedrooms, a living room, and a dining room/kitchen. The families have embraced their new living situations by making numerous personal improvements to their homes. Tiles cover the island in between the kitchen and living room, and the family plans to paint their homes.PascualaElena-26

The families are currently waiting to acquire the electricity for their homes, but this does not deter them from being overjoyed about their new living environments. Pascuala explains that she now feels “more comfortable and happy” now that she owns her own property and home.
These young mothers have already created a nurturing environment for their children, but without a doubt, having a home that they can call their own indicates the beginning of a constructive yet successful phase in these young families’ stories.