World Toilet Day

Today is a day to celebrate the ability to use a sanitary toilet — and to make a commitment to bringing toilets to all those who do not have one. Today, there are 2.5 billion people who are toiletless.

Only 54% of Guatemalans have access to proper sanitation services. The remainder of the population uses poorly constructed latrines or nothing at all.  

Juana Olimpia Sanun Muxtay-3

Sanitation is a clear issue considering that an estimated 85% of waste water is left untreated and often just dumped into local water sources. As part of our Clean Water Project, Habitat Guatemala’s sanitary latrines reduce contamination, while our classes educate families on maintaining healthy homes and good hygienic practices.

You can learn more about our Clean Water Project below:

You can help. Give a sanitary latrine today.