Volunteer: The Women’s Build

22631732941_6758a6dacd_kIn October, we did a special volunteer home build. It was an exploration of women’s issues in Guatemala and how they relate to building homes. The 10-day experience was a huge success, partially because volunteers were able to experience daily Guatemalan life and go deeper into what that really means.

Here’s what team leader Tina Godfrey has to say:

“I highly recommend the “Women’s Build” which gave the team the opportunity to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the culture and background of the families we were helping. Being invited into their homes, dining and talking with members of the families and cooperatives,  team members felt a far deeper connection, making the trip  more rewarding. During evening discussions on culture, history,  politics and the economy the team shared their own insights and observations and were able to ask questions of the locals adding further perspective and understanding.  Despite the language and cultural barriers a mutual respect quickly emerged and it was soon apparent that a universal desire for peace and for our children to flourish transcends all  barriers. Small acts of kindness and cooperation build trust. The quiet dignity and persistence of the hardworking people of Guatemala who warmly welcomed us into their lives inspired and touched us all.  We finished the week with renewed perspective and thankfulness.”


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