GT Week 3: Housing Communities

For the third week of our Giving Tuesday campaign we are talking about our housing communities and their ability to provide families who do not own land, with access to land rights.

Our partner families receive low-interest loans to purchase a plot of land and to build their home, while we facilitate access to utilities and services that help promote the growth of a harmonious community. Many families in Guatemala lack the resources to find and attain tenure to land on which they could build a home. To remedy this problem, Habitat Guatemala invests in tracts of land large enough to build new communities of 20 to 100 houses and develops the infrastructure and public areas necessary to create a thriving neighborhood.

To learn more, see the images below:

week3housingcommunities-01 week3housingcommunities-02 week3housingcommunities-03 week3housingcommunities-04week3housingcommunities-05