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Hábitat para la Humanidad Guatemala


What is Global Village?

Global Village is Habitat for Humanity’s international volunteer program. Through Global Village, you can sign up to volunteer to help build a house in Guatemala! Every volunteer that comes from outside of Guatemala goes through Global Village. Check out our upcoming build opportunities here!

Why volunteer in Guatemala?

Here are a few benefits of a Global Village trip:

1) You will have an opportunity to contribute to Habitat’s work and create positive change in the world.

2) You will learn about adequate and inadequate housing, development challenges, and Habitat’s mission to create opportunities.

3) You will experience the community’s culture, language and social practices while working alongside homeowners and volunteers of many backgrounds, races and religions.

4) You will take part in a transformative, lifelong journey that may ignite or reignite your passion for making this world a better place.

A Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip in Guatemala not only offers the unique opportunity to build homes for families in need, but also gives the volunteers a chance to build relationships working side by side with Guatemalan families and masons.

Although small, Guatemala is very diverse. Building homes in the Western Highlands, on the Eastern Plains, or near the Pacific Coast can be a vastly different experience. Some of our frequent volunteers choose to always build in different regions of the country, while others fall in love with one spot and return there year after year. Either way, our Global Village office can pinpoint a location that will suit you and your team.

GV volunteers do work hard all week; however, they also find the time to enjoy Guatemala’s rich natural beauty and heritage through our fun cultural activities such as visiting majestic volcanoes or ancient Mayan ruins, strolling through lively markets and well-preserved colonial towns, or even trying their hand at making tortillas.

Quick facts:

1) Having hosted hundreds of Global Village teams, we have extensive experience to guarantee an excellent build.

2) Each team is accompanied by a Habitat Guatemala Field Coordinator and translators as needed. Speaking Spanish is not necessary.

3) Team members of all ages (16+) and skill sets are welcome.

4) A Global Village team reduces a home’s build time by at least one week.

5) A full worksite has 8 volunteers. Larger groups split up to serve numerous families.

6) Trips can vary from 9 to 14 days.

7) Trips run all year except Holy Week in April.

8) Teams stay in a hotel in the build community and may explore the town in the afternoons and evenings.

9) Airfare to Guatemala from the US and Canada is reasonable and flight times are relatively short, allowing for more time spent in country!

    Become a Habitat volunteer and lets build a better Guatemala together!

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