7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Affects Guatemala

_DSC6858On July 7th, 2014 at 7:23 a.m ET, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit the town of Puerto Madero, Mexico, near the Guatemalan border – the quake was felt through Guatemala and even places in El Salvador.

According to earthquakereport.com three days after the quake, the following instances were reported in Guatemala:

– Three deaths were reported in San Marcos.

– One death was reported in Quetzaltenango due to a cardiac arrest.

-(Unconfirmed)  One death was reported in Escuintla due to a cardiac arrest.
– 35 people were injured and 135 homes were damaged in Sibinal.
– A schools was heavily damaged in Comitancillo.
– Schools were damaged in Retalhuleu.

– The cathedral of San Pedro Sacatepequez was heavily damaged. Moderate to heavy damage was seen in the mall and homes in this city, a sinkhole opened in the parking lot of a park. Water and power services were also affected.
– Both towers of a church in Ixchiguan are about to collapse, homes collapsed or suffered heavy damage in this town.
– 48 homes were heavily damaged in La Reforma.
– 8 homes in La Esperanza were damaged.
– The health center of Santa Cruz Mulua was damaged.
– Unconfirmed reports indicate that the municipal building of Tajamulco collapsed, heavy damage has been reported around the town.
– A landslide happened in El Tumbador, also buildings were heavily damaged.
– Damage reported in cemeteries of San Marcos, San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta, San Cristóbal Cucho and Feria, at least 120 graves were damaged.
– Big landslides have blocked routes in San Cristóbal Cucho. A fire station was severely damaged as well as several homes.
– Some injuries were reported in Huehuetenango including two kids that were injured by a collapsed wall; homes, municipal buildings and a school were damaged , the tribunal was flooded due to a broken pipe.
– Moderate damage can be seen in Mazatenango, schools, government buildings, churches and homes are damaged. There is an unconfirmed report of damage in the water treatment plant.
– A landslide blocked the route of Colomba.
– A landslide has blocked the routhe between Colomba and San Juan Ostuncalco.
– 26 schools were damaged in Chicacao, as well as several homes.
– 10 houses in Cajola have been damaged, 36 people have been evacuated.
-A church in Samayac suffered heavy damage.
– 14 schools were damaged in San Antonio Suchitepéquez. Structural damage has been reported around the city.
– In Totonicapan 2 homes collapsed and several more were damaged, 4 schools were also damaged.
– In San Pablo Jocopilas minor landslides were reported and there was no power in some zones.

These reports make evident how a natural disaster can affect the daily lives of several families throughout Guatemala.

Habitat for Humanity Guatemala has recognized this issue and therefore has invested in a Disaster Response and Prevention program.  Not only do we support families who have been affected by quakes such as these, but we work to reduce vulnerability to the potential damage to life and property caused by natural disasters. We build on safe and suitable terrain and we provide the best practices and training for health and risk management.

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